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One Hour Private Lesson :


In a standard one hour lesson, we will prioritize what you need to work on in your swing in order to improve your game. Through the use of video and/or TrackMan, your progress can be measured. You will be given one or more drills to reinforce any swing changes and receive a follow-up email that reviews your lesson.



½ Hour Lesson:


While a one hour lesson or a package is highly recommended for improvement, if time is an issue or if you are just looking for a quick fix, this may fit your needs. Video only.



Yearly Instruction Membership:


This instruction package includes 12 one hour lessons for the year (generally one per month), 4 supervised half hour practice sessions, a TrackMan Combine Test and follow-up to measure progress. We will assess your skills, set goals, and formulate a plan to help you achieve these goals. Only 20 of these packages will be sold for the year. 




Seasonal Instruction Membership:


Similar to the Yearly Membership, this instruction package includes a full swing and short game assessment, 5 one hour lessons and 5 half hour supervised practice sessions (generally one of each per month).




Group Lesson:


If you are more comfortable learning this game with a friend, this may be an option for you. This type of lesson is only recommended for beginners with similar abilities. Video will be used and you will receive a follow-up email that reviews your lesson.




Playing Lesson:


Golf is played and best learned on the course. Often times, issues that may not appear on the practice range manifest on the golf course. Learning how to score, playing under pressure, and course management can only be learned on the course. One, two, or three players can play nine holes with a professional.


Playing lessons are generally scheduled in the early morning or late afternoon.






Multiple clinics will be conducted weekly and cover numerous topics such as putting, chipping, sand play, short irons, hybrids and fairway woods, and driving. 


There will also be specialty clinics specifically for ladies, juniors, 5 Simple Keys, TrackMan, and many more.


If you have four people or more, a clinic can be arranged for a topic of your choosing.



Get Golf Ready Camps:


These camps are designed to introduce new players to the game and give them the skills and knowledge to get onto the golf course and feel comfortable playing as soon as possible.


These camps are fun and a great value. Time will be spent on the practice tee and putting green as well as on the course. Safety, swing technique, rules, and etiquitte will be all be covered within the ten hours of instruction.


GGR Camps are conducted in the late afternoon one day per week for five weeks in the spring and fall and run for five consecutive days for one week, each week, in the summer.



TrackMan Combine:


Test yourself and find the weaknesses in your game on the world’s leading radar launch monitor. You will go through a 60 total shot test at 10 different yardages from wedges through driver.  This will let you know where you stand versus the best in the world as well as other players with similar handicaps to yours and show you what you need to improve. Take the Combine Test at the start and end of the season to measure your improvement or just take it once to see what you need to work on. The combine takes roughly a ½ hour to complete. Find out more at



TrackMan Use:


Rent some time on the launch monitor to dial in your distances, compare clubs, or get feedback on your swing under the watchful eye of a certified TrackMan Professional.






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